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First Graphene is an advanced materials company seeking to position itself in the lowest cost quartile of global graphene suppliers. It has developed an environmentally sound and safe method of converting its supplies of ultra-high grade graphite into the lowest cost highest quality graphene, in bulk quantities. In so doing it is addressing the three greatest impediments to the commercialisation of graphene, being reliable quality at realistic prices in sufficient volumes to facilitate the development of applications in modern materials, energy storage devices, coatings and polymers. It aims to use these competitive advantages to access new technologies and processes and in turn gain maximum leverage to the entire graphene supply chain, from sourcing the raw material to end use, with development of associated intellectual property for licencing and sales.

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In The News

What is it like to be a Tier 1 partner in the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre?





Graphene in the carbon-fibre
coating made the plane’s
wings stronger. 



First Graphene Limited (FGR) is involved with three leading Australian universities working to develop graphene products and associated intellectual property.


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University of Adelaide

At the University of Adelaide FGR is a founding partner in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation which is funded by the Australian Government, through the ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme.

It is working on three streams of development, namely;

  • Fire Retardants – This is an extremely exciting project area with a product that is ready for development and testing to international standards.
  • Conductive Coatings and Films – Previous research conducted by UoA and FGR has shown FGR graphene to have superior conductivity when compared to other flake and rGO.  With the development of Graphene Polymer Composites - FGR has a number of international industrial parties testing the use of our graphene in polymers.  This Node will provide high level testing and development of polymer blends which meet industry requirements.
  • Building Materials - which will cover cement, cement fibre, particle and chip board and laminated boards.  We will be specifically looking to improve the performance of these products.  For example, with cement we already know the addition of graphene can be used to improve the Unconfined Compressive Strength – or UCS, tensile strength and permeability.  And remember, after water, concrete is the most consumed product in the world, with in excess of 20 billion tonnes consumed per annum!



flinders niversity

Flinders University

At Flinders University FGR is in a strategic partnership to develop and commercialise graphene manufacturing technology using a Vortex Fluidic Device (VFD) and a Turbo Thin Film Device (T2FD).

Both these technologies have the potential to significantly enhance the following areas;

  • Be a delivery device for the dispersion and functionalisation of graphene powders into the client’s production stream.
  • Further enhance the graphene produced from the FGR production process as required.
  • Produce graphene and Graphene Oxide (GO) using water as the solvent.
  • Creation of other carbon Nano products.









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