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The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) officially opened its doors in December 2018. The facility is the second building focused on graphene research and development at The University of Manchester.

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In this interview, Zoe Peterkin of AZoNano speaks to Warwick Grigor from First Graphene Ltd. about their unique graphene products and how the graphene market may change and develop in the future.

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Special Report: Advanced materials company First Graphene has developed what it believes is the best graphene product line in the world, throwing down the gauntlet to the graphene industry with its release of PureGRAPH, with extensive technical data that can be relied upon by customers.

“It is time for graphene producers to be made accountable for what they are promoting, to both industry and investors.”

“It is all about quality and accuracy. It is time to grow beyond hot air and promotion. It is about deliverability,” says Warwick Grigor, First Graphene (ASX:FGR) chairman.

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If you know about graphene you will also know that James Baker is the CEO of Graphene@Manchester, the organisation that includes the National Graphene Institute (NGI) and the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC – pronounced like ‘geek’) Both are based at The University of Manchester in the UK.

James and I are meeting at the new GEIC. It is habitable, but not officially opened yet and still being fitted out with world class laboratory and production facilities for making and testing graphene products. There is a sense of excitement and purpose around this development and it feels energising.

I’m here to find out more about the GEIC and how it fits with the world of graphene, so we start talking…

Our adventure with First Graphene provides opportunities to meet talented and inspiring business owners across a wide range of industries seeking techniques and strategies to enhance and differentiate their products. Last week we had a visit from ex Special Forces commander turned entrepreneur Mark Wales (pictured right) founder of Kill_Kapture.

Kill_Kapture is a “tough luxury” ecommerce clothing brand developed for a niche market. The product range, which includes the Pathfinder jacket, is inspired by Mark’s experience as an SASR trooper and also influenced by Jason Bourne and the Terminator. Meeting Mark felt a little like meeting a real life Jason Bourne; and learning more about his journey from the military to Wharton Business School to launching a fashion brand in New York was fascinating.

During his time in the military he was equipped with cutting edge equipment and Mark is bringing that ethos into his clothing line. In seeking to further enhance his product and expand his range Mark is looking to incorporate graphene for added strength and durability.

As the world's leading supplier of graphene, we are excited by the prospect of working with Mark to help him achieve his vision.

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